Transforming natures’ beauty in the form of art is my passion.
The art of painting and the art of jewelry.

Loriann WaterColor Painting

Ever since I was young, I’ve been a nature lover. I lived across the street from a nature preserve where I enjoyed hiking and horseback riding.

I’ve always appreciated all that nature has to offer, paying close attention to the colors and textures from an artistic perspective.

Nature has been my greatest source of inspiration that fueled my passion for art and creativity.

Painting with watercolors allowed me to express my vision. Although every stroke was final, the watery mix of colors, translucent and beautiful, captured the beauty I saw in nature. It allowed me to translate my vision into something creative and meaningful in a visceral way.

This watercolor painting was inspired by a photo I took of a mushroom that grew on a tree stump outside my parents’ home. I was inspired by the beautiful and vibrant textures and colors. My vision on paper wasn’t literal, rather an interpretation that evolved as I began to paint with the watercolors, allowing for this to manifest as fluid, unrestricted and beautiful.

There is a distinct correlation between my watercolors and the influence they had on my jewelry designs. I have always been drawn to gemstones that are emotive and fiery. The stones used in the designs are an integral aspect - chosen for color as well as their properties. Prominently featured throughout my collections are Moonstones, which are thought to soothe stress and encourage inner balance, Ethiopian Opals, a highly protective gemstone, helping to reduce fear and allowing for heightened intuition and Labradorite, which dispels negativity and creates balance between the physical world and the higher realms. My signature gold “line over stone” is the bridge that connects the stones and the mixing and layering of colors and gems influence each other - in the same way the colors of the paintings harmoniously blend and merge together. They carry the same ethereal vibe with a modern organic feeling.

My wish for you as a wearer of my jewelry is to have a strong personal connection with each piece, that reflects your own individuality, beauty and sense of style. I hope you will feel inspired and that it brings you a sense of joy.