Lori, the earrings are amazing! I wore them on the show today. I was also blown away the beautiful necklace which by the way looks so beautiful with the earrings! I wore them with a yellow top today. If you’d like to use the photo or post it go right ahead, it would be an honor! I love and adore you -thank you, thank you ,thank you!!
Much love , Marie O.

I have purchased several beautiful pieces of jewelry from Lori for myself and for gifts. Stunning statement pieces, they work with jeans and for more formal wear. The choices of metals and gems in her designs perfectly compliment each other. I will be adding more of her beautiful work to my personal collection and can't wait to see new collections! - Lisa T.

I came upon your work a couple of years ago at a gift shop in Yale, and since then I've been following your Instagram. I love your work and can't wait to wear my ring.
Best, Natasha B.

You are so kind. I think that’s part of what is so attractive about your brand! I noticed it a while back with your personal responses on your posts! It makes your followers feel you have all the time in the world for them. I love your packaging. The box is perfect for your jewelry as well as the bags inside. All simply beautiful!
Mary G

I received your beautiful jewelry this afternoon. I love them both! They are for my upcoming 40th birthday from my husband and kids. Your kind note in the package made them even that much more special! I have been admiring your jewelry for awhile and immediately felt so connected to your pieces. When reading your bio, I realized why! I was born in NY, grew up in Trumbull, CT and painted in acrylic when I was younger, with my favorite artist being Georgia O’Keefe. I was a former jewelry buyer at QVC and attended many trade shows back in the day. Although I switched industries professionally, jewelry is my passion - especially pieces that have a story. I am excited to wear your works of art and to pass them down to my daughters when they get older.
Regards, Adrienne F.

The earrings are stunning!  I love your designs. The turquoise is the perfect color. Thank you! I hope you are keeping your sanity during this COVID craziness.  I will continue to follow you online and will hopefully be able to see you in a store soon!
Rayme S.