Lori Friedman designs modern organic jewelry with a serene, fluid quality that centers on gemstones and color stories that catch the eye, stirs the imagination, and draws women in on a visceral and emotional level.

Highlighted in her signature Organique collection, she is inspired by the beautiful irregularities and imperfect shapes found in nature, whether it’s the textures and hues of the sea or the exotic flora and fauna of a tropical paradise.

With a background in graphic design, creative direction, and watercolor painting, Lori has an innate understanding of line and form, and has distinguished herself as a designer who layers and experiments with color in compelling ways. Her artist’s eye has led to her exuberant pairings of thoughtfully sourced gemstones. She is drawn to the way certain gems respond to light, especially when it comes to fiery opals. Her love of opals often work their way into the story she’s trying to tell, complementing the palette to memorable effect and finished with her signature “line over stone.”

After launching LoriAnn Jewelry in 2016, she won the prestigious JANY Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year in 2017, attracting the attention and accolades of fashion and jewelry press. Since then, she’s expanded her signature Organique line and developed other collections built on motifs and themes that embrace and encourage the ideas of self-empowerment, personal expression, spiritual growth and inner strength.

Everyday wearability and versatility are her current focus - meant to layer, stack and mix. Her collections complement a modern lifestyle that takes a woman from the yoga studio, to the office, to a night out. Lori’s desire is to design jewelry that celebrates your inner spark, affirms your worth and brings a constant feeling of joy.

Understanding the personal connection and process in selecting jewelry, Lori welcomes you to contact her to discuss details prior to purchasing. She is also available to discuss customizing an existing design in her collection.

Please feel free to reach out to Lori here.